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How do I know what IOL to choose?

Your doctor will guide you through this process depending on your individual needs and preferences.

IOL Measurements

We have an optical biometer that incorporates wavefront technology to automatically calculate IOL measurements at a precision never seen before.This device is so accurate that nine out of ten of our cataract surgery patients do not need glasses for driving or watching TV afterwards.

We also have a A-scan biometry to determine IOL power. This is an ultrasound based measuring device that can measure IOL sizes even in dense cataracts. All measurements are personally done by the ophthalmologist. We then fine tune the results with a mathematical formula we personally designed to make sure we get good results even in anatomically abnormal eyes. We get good results with this device.

How do I know what refraction to target?

If you would like good distance vision after the operation without the use of glasses, then you will require both eyes targeted for distance. If you choose this option, you will require reading glasses for all near vision tasks. You may still require a light pair of distance glasses to improve the distance vision as best possible for driving and television. Without your glasses on though, your best vision is going to be in the distance. If you would like to be without glasses completely or for as much of the time as possible, then you may wish to target monovision. Here one eye is treated for distance vision and the other for near vision. Glasses are only required on occasion when monovision works well. Most monovision patients do not wear glasses at all but some would for night driving and prolonged reading. Monovision has been used at SafeSight Cataract & Eye Laser clinic with great success.

Premium IOLs.

There are IOLs that can improve the uncorrected vision even more without the use of glasses. These include multifocal IOLs, toric IOLs that correct astigmatism and aspheric IOLs that specifically improve night vision and depth of field. There is a section dedicated to premium IOLs and your doctor will discuss this in detail with you if it interests you. Premium IOLs do cost more but they provide less spectacle dependence after the cataract operation. They also include the costs for any corneal laser surgery that you may need afterwards to further improve the results.

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