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What happens before my operation?

You will be seen by your surgeon on the day of surgery again to go through any last questions you may have and to sign your consent form.

Once you have settled down in the day ward, nurses will start placing eye drops in the eye to dilate the pupil and prepare your eye for surgery. These drops may sting your eye for a few seconds and is nothing to be worried about. You will be one of a number of people on the theatre list so there maybe a waiting period before you are brought to theatre.

What happens in theatre?

The nursing staff in theatre will help you from your trolley onto the operating table. You will be connected to a heart monitor and a blood pressure monitoring device. You will be aware of pressure on the upper arm when the unit takes your blood pressure. The anesthetist will place a small canula into your hand or arm to provide a line for medication if it is needed. Directly before the surgery starts, the area around the eye is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. Medication used include some sedatives, blood pressure reducing medicines and antibiotics. You are then draped in sterile linen that covers the whole body including the head and there is oxygen supplied under the drapes so that you don’t feel short of breath at all. Once the operation begins, you will be aware of bright light. You will not feel any pain but may feel light pressure on occasion. The surgeon will be talking to you all the time and you can communicate your concerns freely during the procedure.

What happens after the operation is over?

You are taken back to the day ward unit where you will be given something to eat and drink. The eye will have a shield over it to protect it and keep you from rubbing it accidentally. As soon as you have eaten and feel comfortable, you will be ready to go home. If you chose general anesthesia instead, then it will normally be around 2 to 3 hours before you are ready to go home. The nurses will ensure that you are fully recovered from the anesthesia before discharging you from their care.

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