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Laser eye surgery is an operation which aims to perfect human eyesight using computer controlledprecision laser. During the 10-15 minute surgery the excimer laser reshapes the cornea of the eye in a predetermined manner to improve your vision. The two most common types of laser eye surgery are LASIK and SafeSight Eye Laser (ie. PRK, LASEK, epi- LASIK) although there are several other types of refractive surgery that can improve your vision when Laser surgery is not the most appropriate option.

Someone who is short-sighted sees better up close without their glasses than they do in the distance.

Someone who is long-sighted sees better in the distance than up close without their glasses. If the degree of long-sight is severe, then both distance and near vision are blurred, but distance is better than near.

There is no upper age limit. However we recommend that you be 18 years or older.

Approximately ten minutes per eye.

No. The eyes may feel a bit gritty/irritable after LASIK for a few hours, but there is no pain. There is more discomfort with SafeSight Laser (i.e PRK/ LASEK/ epi-LASIK) and full recovery is expected within 5-7 days.

Yes. You may be given a valium tablet if you wish before surgery. The only anaesthetic used is in the form of anaesthetic eye drops. They are extremely effective and there is usually no pain during the laser surgery. There are NO needles.

Lasik is performed bilaterally simultaneously in 98% of patients we treat (i.e. both eyes same day). The decision always rests with the patient however after considering the pros and cons. With SafeSight laser (i.e PRK/ LASEK)  95% of patients do both eyes at the same even though recovery is slower and the first few days are uncomfortable.

The laser has state of the art eye tracker that will track each and every minute movement that the eye makes. The laser only fires when the eye is perfectly in position so there is no chance of your eye looking around affecting the procedure. The good news is that most people find it very easy to keep the still by focusing on the target fixation light.

Most people start noticing an improvement in vision almost immediately. After LASIK you will normally be able to see without glasses or contact lenses within twenty four hours. With SafeSight laser (PRK/LASEK)  the visual recovery is a bit slower being able to drive by about day 3 and seeing well by about day five.

No. As blurring can occur in the aftermath of the surgery it is not deemed safe to drive or operate machinery immediately following the procedure. Get a friend or family member to drive you home.

SafeSight laser ( PRK/ LASEK/ epi-LASIK) is 10x safer than LASIK. 95% of Laser Vision Correction complications are related to the creation of the LASIK flap. In PRK/ safesight laser  there is no flap created during the procedure therefore making it safer. LASIK is a very safe procedure, even safer than wearing contact lenses. It does however carry risks like all other surgical procedures but they are generally manageable. The specific risks are explained in more detail below and will be more detailed during your consultation.

This is one of the most concerns many people have. The simple answer is a qualified no. Allow us to explain:

At this stage you have made the first step towards a life changing experience. You are either researching Laser Eye Surgery, have seen our information leaflet or you have already had an evaluation examination and are weighing up your options.

The first thing to remember is that all surgery has risks and complications. Laser Eye Surgery is no different. However after conducting some research you will soon see that many of the myths and fears around Laser Eye surgery are not backed up by statistical evidence. As surgeries go, Laser Eye Surgery is relatively low-risk. However further context is needed; it depends on the technique you choose. SafeSight laser  (i.e. PRK/ LASEK/epi-LASIK) is 10x safer than LASIK. Its therefore less a question of wether you should have laser eye surgery and more a question of what technique you should choose. It is imperative that you choose a technique with the least amount of complications.

Most of our referrals are by word of mouth indicating a very high satisfaction rate amongst our patients. Each and every case was worked up by an ophthalmologist personally.

Laser eye surgery performed in a clinic such as the SafeSight Eye Laser Centre in Waverley Johannesburg, is 8x safer than wearing daily disposable contact lenses (the safest contact lens) in terms of sight threatening complications. No one point emphasizes the relative low risk of Laser eye surgery better than this.

The professional group that has had Laser Eye Surgery more than anyone else is accountants: approximately 1% of all accountants have had Laser Eye Surgery done.  Those are absolute numbers. When looking at the group that has had Laser Eye Surgery done more than anyone else in relative terms, we learn that 32% of eye surgeons that are members of the American Cataract and Refractive Surgery Society have had Laser Vision Correction Surgery done. 32 times more than the accountants. 

(An incredible endorsement of the safety and efficacy of Laser Vision Correction and laser eye surgery in general by the people who understand it best). DR MALEKA himself had Eye Laser surgery done.*** Your surgeon has had Laser Vision Correction procedure himself****

  1. Poor vision in low light, glare and halo effects  and difficulty with night driving
  2. Ectasia
  3. Dry eyes 
  4. Deterioration of vision years after surgery
  5. Infection 
  6. Costs

The SafeSight Eye Laser Centre supports patient awareness and the need for patients to be fully informed of all aspects of the procedure. We are aware of the genuine concerns and problem areas listed above and that’s why we’ve taken unprecedented steps to overcome them for our patients.

We have the laser (Wavelight Allegretto Wave) that incorporates Wavefront technology (Wavefront optimised) in every single laser treatment and has been doing so for the last 7 years. What this means to you? A significantly reduction in the risk of having glare and night-time driving problems after surgery.

We have 2 full-time South African Medical Council Specialist Registered Ophthalmologists offering 24-7 cover. Our doctors do everything possible to identify patients that may develop dry eyes. With the widest range of customized laser treatments (including Wavefront-guided, topography-guided and asphericity-guided) our surgeons are able to improve outcomes for patients that have been treated elsewhere with less desirable results. We do everything possible for patients suffering with dry eyes to minimize the extent and duration of dry eye problems. Thanks to this, we yet to see persistent cases of dry eye syndrome.

In a very infrequent set of cases deterioration of eyesight can occur in the years following your operation. SafeSight Eye Laser Centre have offered a lifetime warranty that is unique in South Africa: if at any time in the future your vision regresses to a point where you need glasses to drive, we will perform the enhancement surgery necessary entirely free of charge.

Infection is the single most serious complication that can be associated with Laser Eye Surgery. Fortunately thanks in part to our outstanding team and state-of-the-art facilities, post-operative infection has never occurred in a SafeSight Eye Laser Centre to date. This is the primary reason that we are comfortable doing bilateral simultaneous Laser Eye Surgery.

No hidden costs. The fee which we detail in all of our publications for Laser Eye Surgery is totally comprehensive. All follow ups, post-operative care and necessary enhancements are included (follow-up visits for 12 months post-op). As mentioned, we are the only clinic in South Africa to offer a lifetime guarantee to all of our patients so that if for some reason vision was to regress the initial fee would cover all enhancement surgery.

Our declarations are supported by our own audited results. All of these facts will be or have been explained at your comprehensive evaluation. This information is strictly for prospective SafeSight Eye Laser  patients and those who have undergone evaluation for Laser Eye Surgery at the SafeSight (Waverley, JHB) Eye Laser centre. Being found suitable for Laser Eye Surgery at the SafeSight Eye Laser Centre does NOT necessarily make you a suitable candidate for Laser Eye Surgery at other Clinics.

If you do not understand anything at your evaluation…Remember to ask

That’s a fair question with a simple answer: because they are not good candidates for refractive eye surgery.

Because their prescription is too high or too low for refractive eye surgery. Because their corneas are too thin or their eyes too dry. Because they have an underlying corneal condition that prevents them from having laser eye surgery. All of these conditions are determined on a one-to-one basis during your comprehensive two hour assessment with our eye surgeon.

Absolutely; more so than any other profession- 32% of ophthalmic surgeons registered with the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons  have had refractive surgery. The next most common profession to have had LASIK is the accountancy profession adhere around 1% has had LASIK.

The procedure costs R12 000 per eye, R22 000 for two eyes ALL INCLUSIVE. If your eye needs wavefront optimization/guided it will be done at no extra cost.

At SafeSight Eye Laser Centre, all laser eye surgery fees include:

  • Wave front analysis, 
  • Facility fees, 
  • Wavefront guided treatment (if applicable), 
  • Anaesthesia,
  • Post operative visits, supplemental examinations carried out within 3 months of treatment, 
  • 24 hour access to the practice by cell phone, 
  • Any necessary enhancements within a year of treatment.

Call us on (C)0815455385 or  (T)0113465025 if you have a question we have not covered, we will gladly try to answer it for you. SafeSight Cataract & Eye Laser Centre, 13 Scott Street, Waverley, Johannesburg

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