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Arrive 15min before your appointment. Bring your spectacles with you. You must have been off your contact lenses for at least a week before coming in for your assessment. A few scans of your eyes will be done to acquire the unique details and imperfections of your eyes. A comprehensive eye examination will be done by an ophthalmologist making sure that it is safe to undergo the procedure. About 10% of individuals assessed for Laser vision correction do not qualify as they have very subtle keratoconus. Your glasses test will be performed personally by the ophthalmologist to get your current script. This part of the test is not relegated to the optometrist as we feel that important additional information can be gathered in this test. It is often important to dilate your eyes during the assessment, bring a driver or at least a pair of dark sunglasses to your workup. We will take you through the following important steps:

  • the science of Laser Vision Correction. Dont worry, we simplify this, even you will understand it.
  • differences between LASIK and SafeSight Laser (LASEK/ PRK/ epi-LASIK) procedures.
  • profile of complications between the two groups of procedures. 
  • we will go through the important calculation of RESIDUAL STROMAL THICKNESS (RST) with you. This is very important for you to make an informed choice
  • show you the laser suite.
You are welcome to bring a list of all your questions, well try to answer them for you.


Its the big day. You probably feeling a bit anxious. I was( Dr. Maleka) anxious myself. Dont worry! Laser Vision Correction surgery is painless, quick(± 10min for both eyes) and very safe (especially if you have decided to go with SafeSight Laser/PRK).

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a driver. Bring a pair of sunglasses. Report 15min before the procedure. Sign your consent form. You will be coached on the expectations in the laser suite.

The big moment has arrived. You are ushered in and positioned under the laser. Anaesthetic drops applied. Laser is then done. You will be coached at every step by the ophthalmologist. Its over before you know it.

A bandage contact lens is then applied to your eye ( it will be removed in a few days). Antibiotic and steroid drops are applied. Final instructions are given and you are released into the care of your friend/ family.


The first two days are the most difficult as your eyes will quite irritable and sensitive to light. you will have strong pain drops to use, but the irritation will still break through the drops. Vision is 80% of the final vision. You can see well enough to go out, and theres no need to stay indoors. Use your shades for the photosensitivity.


The discomfort gets much better around this time. Your vision is well enough to drive. you need to come in for removal of the bandage contact lens.

DAY 5-7:

Vision and comfort improves rapidly. Doing near work (reading and computer work) is much more comfortable although your eyes still see a bit “funny”. If you have to go to work you can go around this time BUT you will probably struggle with computer work.


Week two is the best time to go back to work. Remember to get a medical certificate for work days missed. Your eyes are about 95% at this stage, and this should be enough to give you the wow experience. you need to lubricate and lubricate your eyes at this stage. the rest of your vision (5%) improves over the next few weeks.

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